Located in Northeast Minneapolis, we've been working on technology projects since 1987.

McDonagh Brothers, Inc. has provided businesses with computer-based solutions since 1987, including web development, internet access, setup and support of computer networks.

Our depth of experience and our passion for the industry ensures that our clients will continue to benefit from our knowledge for years to come. We'll always remain focused on providing friendly, attentive service to our clients and delivering solutions that work.

In addition to our staff we work with other programmers and designers to make sure our clients get exactly what they're looking for.

Jonathan McDonagh

I started programming at my junior high school in 1973 on a Teletype timeshare computer. I then learned to program mini computers, the emerging technology at the time. The first computer on which I did any major programming was an IBM 5110 owned by my father's home-building business. The 5110 had a 4" screen, 64k of memory, two 8" floppy drives and a printer, all for the low cost of $23,000 in 1976. My Dad was my first client: I wrote software for managing the building of single-family homes, and I have been programming ever since.

In 1987 I had just gone out on my own and started my own computer consulting business. I was talking to all my friends and someone mentioned I should talk to this little company in Eden Prairie called Rollerblade. I did and went on to work with them as they grew from 16 employees to 200 employees (1987 through 1991.)

Jim McDonagh

Jim started programming in 1983, writing educational computer games on an Apple for a company called Sunburst. Jim wrote a program called Iggy's Gnees. If you are old enough, you will remember Sunburst from filmstrips, if you can remember filmstrips. Jim started to work with me in 1992, programming and doing general computer support.

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